Horse Drawn Carriages
& Hearse of Texas

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions 

How early do I need to schedule?

To ensure availability, it is better to schedule early. Still, it may be possible to schedule your event even on short notice.

Do we sign a written agreement?

Yes. We will send you a contract. Once we receive your signed contract and deposit, your event will be booked.

Do I need to obtain any special permits to have a horse and carriage at my event?

Permits are not required for Texas public city streets. However, a permit may be necessary on private property including neighborhoods, public parks or reception venues.

Do you charge for mileage?

We do not charge for anything within a 50-mile radius of our barn. Anything beyond that is $2.00 a mile one way.

How long is the carriage availabLe for my event?

Events are booked for a minimum of 2 hours. Your time will start at the time and location you gave on your contract. Setup travel time and cleanup are not included in your 2 hours.

What if we go over the 2 hours?

We charge an overtime rate of $75.00 for each half hour over the agreed 2 hours.

How is the carriage decorated?

A simple garland of ivy and white flowers is draped on the sides of the carriage. For a horse-drawn wedding carriage, you have an option to decorate with flowers, greenery, ribbons. and bows. (Please No Balloons!) We also have a Just Married and Just Hitched sign that can be attached.

May I pet the horse?

Each horse is different. Always ask the driver if it is safe to touch the horse. Learn more about our horses here.

Is it normal for a horse to sweat/pant?

Yes. It is a natural cooling process, just as it is with people.

How does a horse rest?

Horses usually sleep standing up, often with one hind foot cocked.

How much weight can the horse pull?

A horse can easily pull a wheeled vehicle that is six times his own weight. However, we use Percheron and Belgian horses, which use only 25% of that capacity.

How often do you feed the horses?

Our horses are fed hay and grain two to three times a day.They get treats and always a constant supply of clean water.

Can I give your horse something to eat?

Please ask the coachman before giving a horse human food. Horses, like most animals, cannot always process things human eat normally like chocolate, nuts, and seeds.

Can we have fireworks and stuff to throw when we leave the wedding reception?

No fireworks, sparklers, etc, are permitted around the horses and carriage at any time. Fire, smoke, silly string, balloons, and sparklers never mix with the horse. Never tie cans to the back of the carriage as it may spook the horse and cause injury, or someone could get tangled up in them.

How safe are the horses?

We use draft horses that have an easy-going, laid-back personality. They are experienced working in traffic and crowds.

How long does it take a horse to walk a mile?

It takes approximately 25 minutes to go 1 mile.

What happens in case of rain, storms and extreme temperatures?

We will operate in light drizzle and some of our carriages and hearses have tops. We will not cancel until the very last minute, but we do reserve the right to cancel. With the hot Texas weather, we suggest planning your event in the evening.

Safety Note: Your safety and the safety of our horses and staff is a top priority. For you, safety all of our carriages are equipped with rubber wheels, hydraulic breaks, lights, and hazard flashers. They can be used day or night on public streets, we stay off of roads with speed limits over 35MPH. Busy roadways will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If necessary, we will need police escorts.

Contact us today for any questions that you may have and for pricing and availability.